Your perioperative environment is the foundation for patient safety, operating room efficiency and revenue integrity.   Effectively managing this critical service segment can make all the difference for the success of your organization.  Unfortunately, causes of possible failure are numerous and intricate.

Because this area is so complex, you need a comprehensive program of perioperative services to optimize its efficiency.  The key pillars to a successful perioperative environment are:

  • Surgical Site Infections Prevention
  • Charge Capture
  • Central Sterile Processing Department Optimization
  • Management of Doctors’ Preference Cards
  • Operating Room Scheduling Optimization
  • Revenue Integrity

PREZIO Health offers a wide range of perioperative services to optimize your performance in all of these areas.

PREZIO Health’s Metrics Management ModelingTM

Only PREZIO Health offers Metrics Management ModelingTM – a proprietary software-driven process that can eliminate chaos and maximize efficiency in the perioperative arena.   First we perform a perioperative risk assessment to identify and prioritize areas of improvement.  Then, combining clinical, operational and technical capabilities, we develop sustainable, evidence-based solutions. With our Quality Partnership Reviews, our customers can see concrete evidence of their progress, both clinical and financial.  And you will see progress—that’s PREZIO Health’s Performance Promise.

Quality Partnership Reviews

Only PREZIO Health gives you Quality Partnership Reviews, software-driven assessments of your organization’s progress. After analyzing perioperative performance, we create a customized improvement plan for problem areas and then track Key Performance Indicators. Our analysis of this data and recommendations for further improvement are delivered to you in regularly scheduled QPRs. As your surgical solutions partner, we keep you informed at every step of the process.