With tighter budgets and increasing volumes, hospitals and healthcare organizations are constantly under pressure to stay current with the latest reprocessing techniques, especially when it comes to complex, difficult-to-clean surgical instruments.

PREZIO Health’s Instrument TEAM offers a lineup of experts who address challenges associated with:

Infection control
  • Bioburden build-up
  • Frequent immediate use steam sterilization
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Surgical case delays
  • Unnecessary case cancellations
  • Acquisition and capital assistance

    PREZIO Health’s certified and highly trained experts can alleviate challenges when reprocessing unfamiliar and complex surgical instrumentation. Our 24/7 on-call service, including weekends and holidays, gives hospitals and healthcare organizations constant access to expert technician consulting, surgical inventory management and a team of top-notch technicians and managers who work with you to ensure a smooth transition between procedures.

    I have been in this business a long time… this is not my first rodeo. Contracting with PREZIO Health to provide management of expensive and complex instrumentation is an investment in the financial health of this institution. I don’t ever want to own or manage these instruments again.
    A Midwest CFO of a large healthcare system

    Our Instrument TEAM elicits a proactive approach to realizing the full life cycle of complex surgical instrumentation. Together we help our clients plan for the shorter life cycle of these specialty instruments through:

    • Expert evaluation
    • Care and handling from the OR through CSPD
    • Knowledge and compliance to IFUs
    • Instrument repair and refurbishment
    • Scheduled replacement

    PREZIO’s programmatic approach helps healthcare facilities to minimize financial risk involved with owning instruments with a shorter life span. We take the guesswork out of maintenance through a less disruptive replacement schedule that allows you to replace only the components that really need it. Only our comprehensive program allows you to truly set it and forget it.

    PREZIO Health’s service experts have advanced knowledge and experience to tackle the most complex sets available in the industry:

    • Laparoscopic – GEN/GYN
    • Robotic (including da Vinci)
    • Trauma
    • Orthopedic
    • OEM-owned/loaned/consigned

    Our expert technicians are trained to provide your hospital or healthcare organization the highest quality of service, which translates to the highest level of patient care available. So if your organization struggles to meet the needs of the Operating Room to have the right instruments ready at the right time and in the right condition, call PREZIO Health. Because we know your challenges are unique, we’ll customize a service delivery program to address your pain points and eliminate the burdens bringing your OR down.


    Only PREZIO Health gives you Quality Partnership Reviews, software-driven assessments of your organization’s progress. After analyzing perioperative performance, we create a customized improvement plan for problem areas and then track Key Performance Indicators. Our analysis of this data and recommendations for further improvement are delivered to you in regularly scheduled QPRs.