Premier Group Purchasing Contract Press Release

PREZIO Health is proud to announce it has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for Surgical Instrument Maintenance and Repair with one of Premier’s aggregation groups known as Large Integrated Delivery Network (LIDN).

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FDA Orders Recall of Endoscope Washers

After a rash of reported illnesses and deaths that were linked to poorly-cleaned flexible endoscopes in the summer of 2015, the FDA has implicated manufacturers of endoscope washers as part of the problem.

As a result, the FDA has forced Custom Ultrasonics to recall 2,800 endoscope washers that have been in use in healthcare facilities across the […]

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How Communication Was the Second Largest Problem With the Superbug Infections

The “superbug” infections were a global wave of infections eventually linked to contaminated duodenoscopes. The United States Senate has concluded that the problem could have been partially minimized if communication had been better facilitated.
From 2012 to 2015, there were at least 250 people affected by contaminated endoscopes in 25 separate outbreaks throughout the world, according […]

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The Importance of Cleaning and the Most Common Missteps in the Manual Cleaning Process for Flexible Endoscopes

Keeping endoscopes clean is an extremely important part of any surgical or endoscopy operation. Dirty scopes can lead to the spread of infection from one patient to another, and can cause numerous illnesses even leading to death.

In the past, hundreds of such infections have been traced back to poorly maintained endoscopes, mostly related to improperly trained […]

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FDA OKs New, Redesigned Flexible Olympus Endoscope Previously Linked With Infectious Outbreaks

Following the outbreak of several major infectious diseases linked to improperly cleaned and maintained endoscopes, major device manufacturers such as Olympus have redesigned problematic scopes and submitted them for approval by the FDA. Based on a recall of affected duodenoscopes and a clear plan for improvement in the future, the FDA has given approval to Olympus to […]

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GSA Agreement

PREZIO Health is pleased to announce a new five-year GSA agreement, affording the company authorization to pursue business with any and all government customers, including all Veterans Affairs and Military facilities.

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Effectively Implementing Hand Hygiene Compliance Systems

The idea that hand hygiene is a primary way for reducing the spread of infections in healthcare facilities has been widely accepted around the world. As a result, the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other government health agencies have issued strict guidelines for how often healthcare professionals need to be washing their hands, […]

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Loaner Instrument Tray Management: A Shared Responsibility

Surgical procedures are becoming more technologically advanced every day, which often means that the costs associated with medical instruments keep rising.

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FDA Taking Action on Medical Device Linked to Infections

In the last two years, a series of adverse events have occurred in patients, linked to the use of a variety of endoscopic medical devices that were improperly reprocessed and maintained. After further investigation, the FDA determined that not only were most hospitals not meeting the manufacturer guidelines for proper reprocessing, but also that […]

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California Endoscopes Cleaned Improperly for Seven Years

When it comes to maintaining equipment in a hospital environment, it is extremely important to make sure that all necessary staffers know how to properly clean and disinfect the scopes and other tools used in operations to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

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